Jack Kelly
Dr Jack Kelly brings over 12 years’ experience applying machine learning to energy data. He holds a PhD in Disaggregation of Smart Meter Energy Data from Imperial College London. Before Open Climate Fix, Jack worked at Google DeepMind, where he was a Technical Lead for Google's internal wind power forecasting service. In 2019-2021, he consulted for NG-ESO as a Senior Data Scientist, where he worked on energy forecasting using state-of-the-art machine learning models. Jack is passionate about bringing research to life.
Dan Travers
Dan Travers has 20 years’ experience in the energy and software industries. Originally working in the deregulated electricity markets in Australia and later consulting in the European market, he brings an in-depth understanding of energy markets and the value of improved information on managing supply and demand. After working for a decade in Fintech, Dan started a PhD in solar energy modelling in 2018 at the University of Sheffield. Shortly after, Dan met Jack and they founded Open Climate Fix. Dan is interested in the balance between commercial enterprise and research for public good.
Peter Dudfield
Dr Peter Dudfield holds a PhD in fluid dynamics from the University of Cambridge. He has a passion for working with cutting-edge technologies to help fight climate change. Before working at Open Climate Fix, Peter worked with Habitat Energy and helped set up the largest UK battery optimisation portfolio. Peter also worked in the wind power sector with Siemens Gamesa, developing image recognition technology for damaged wind turbine blades. He has cycled around the world and likes getting the job done.
Kasia Krasucka
Kasia Krasucka brings experience delivering complex projects testing innovative solutions in the Global South including in the space of renewable energy. This equipped her with a unique understanding of systems and design thinking to develop solutions that can scale and achieve tangible impact. She is passionate about new technologies and the role they play in tackling social and environmental challenges, particularly for the most vulnerable. Kasia is keen to put structure on things or to be ice skating.  
Brad Fulford
Brad Fulford developed a love for creative problem-solving during a BSc in Architecture, designing to brief and budget; following that, these building blocks and user experiences became digital. He has since been integral to many projects, including as a founding member of a FabTech software startup, and has considerable experience in full-stack web software to get beautiful, functional, informative things in front of our users. Based in Bristol, UK, he enjoys woodworking and sings in a contemporary choir.
Sol Cotton
Sol Cotton began tackling computational problems and handling large datasets working with data from CERN during his MA in Physics. Since then he has gained coding experience across the stack, with industrial roles focussed on architecting, building, and deploying business domains and their services. The increasing prevalence and severity of the ill effects of an ever worsening climate led him to a search for a proactive application of these developed skills. He loves a walk in a good landscape and wants to help ensure that there remains any to be enjoyed!
Bhavika Sharma
Bhavika Sharma brings interdisciplinary knowledge and experience spanning technical and business domains. With an engineering undergraduate degree and experience in account management, she offers a blend of technical proficiency and business acumen. She further honed her management skills with a Master's from Lancaster University. Her experience extends beyond operations, as she embraces the diverse challenges of startup life, donning various management hats. She enjoys watching Formula 1, dancing and listening to music.
James Fulton
James Fulton holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, specialising in climate variability research using unsupervised machine learning techniques. His expertise extends to employing unsupervised image-to-image translation networks for bias correction in climate simulations. Before joining OCF, he contributed to research projects at the University of Oxford and Frontiers Lab among others, showcasing his proficiency in data-driven modelling and machine learning applications in climate science.
Zakari Watts
Zakari Watts’ passions lie in the interplay between science and technology, having previously worked in an AI education tech startup (AITutor), a deep tech science incubator (Science Creates), and a science-focused venture capital fund. With an MSci in physics (from Bristol), where he explored the acoustic deformation of cells, Zak’s expertise led him to excel in data science and machine learning. In his free time, he enjoys tinkering with electronics, making random cartoons, jumping on his mountain bike for a ride in the woods, and playing the piano.
Sukhil Patel
Sukhil Patel's interests lie in using technology to help solve complex problems that have a positive social impact. After acquiring a Masters in Mathematics this is what led him to work in the Climate Tech sector. Before working at Open Climate Fix he helped reduce carbon emissions through optimising and forecasting EV charging for thousands of devices using Machine Learning and Data Science. Outside of work, he enjoys running, volunteering and a good history podcast.
Gi Fernando
Gi Fernando is a business development advisor with over two decades of experience in the technology industry. He is a visionary entrepreneur, investor, and mentor who has worked with numerous startups and established companies to help them achieve their growth objectives. Gi has a passion for innovation and has played a pivotal role in the development of several groundbreaking products and services.
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