Our Story

Our origins

Open Climate Fix was born in 2019 out of a seemingly simple observation: there is a huge barrier between the energy industry and the researchers working on cutting-edge tech solutions that solve some of the most pressing problems the industry is facing, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Open Climate Fix is connecting these groups by building partnerships across both industry and academia, sharing knowledge and developing AI-driven solutions that have potential not only to improve efficiency in the energy sector, but most importantly - significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

Impact focused

We are obsessively focused on achieving maximum climate impact. Every part of the organisation is designed to maximise climate impact; such as the non-profit legal entity we incorporate, our open and collaborative approach, and our devotion to rapid prototyping. We don’t want to just conduct research, but to deliver solutions for real-world users and to inspire and enable the wider energy community. We constantly remind ourselves of the huge scale and urgency of the problem. You can read more about one of the ways we have impact here

Radically open & collaborative

Our goal is to bring the best of open-science & open-source software development to climate change mitigation. Our work is more accessible than most academic projects and focuses on building products with real-life use cases. We want our solutions to scale easily. Anyone can access, use and contribute to all our code via GitHub; and similarly all data is published openly on Hugging Face where permitted. Through such an approach we want to encourage more collaboration and  lower the barrier to entry for researchers and innovators creating solutions for a digitised green grid.  

Building the team

The challenge in front of us is a multi-faceted one, and we see the need for skills in not just research and the energy system, but also implementation, communication and product design. To deliver maximum impact, we have carefully grown a fantastic team with diverse backgrounds and skills from the worlds of energy, design, deep learning, product management and communication. This ensures we can tackle hybrid challenges while simultaneously and continually learning from each other!

Meet the team